An Investment in Hair Farming

With long hair comes a great deal of responsibility to that hair. I’ve always felt that if you decide to start growing your hair out then you should avoid using product for a period of time. I did this myself for nearly five years – not once did I touch it with any product other than shampoo and conditioner. I had found out before I started growing my hair that I could sell ‘virgin hair’ online for fat stacks of money. No doubt it was going to be used for curly clip in hair extensions or something but what do I care? I was just trying to make some extra cash down the road.

I’ve seen some hair go for thousands of dollars – truly virgin hair. The kind of hair that has been growing since that person was a kid and not once has it been cut. That kind of hair can go for an absurd amount of money on the web. It’s amazing the kind of things that people are willing to buy online but I guess if you want a premium style wig of a certain, specific kind then you’ll be willing to pay out some serious money for it.

Farming my own hair is not something that I would have been able to predict. I mean, it’s not like I don’t make plenty of money what I’m doing now but what is extra cash in the pocket if not a good thing? It’s easy to grow my hair out and it’s easy to keep product off of it to ensure the highest quality hair to sell. I only might be making $600-$1000 every time I do sell it, and it’s a multi year investment, but it’s an investment that takes no real work in order to make happen.